Sports Schedule


Sports On Air for the Week of 5/6

This week on 1370 WSPD:

Mon 5/6Cleveland Indians vs. Oakland7:00 pm
Tue 5/7Cleveland Indians vs. Oakland7:00 pm
Wed 5/8Cleveland Indians vs. Oakland7:00 pm
Thu 5/9
Fri 5/10Cleveland Indians @ Detroit7:00 pm
Sat 5/11Cleveland Indians @ Detroit6:37 pm
Sun 5/12Cleveland Indians @ Detroit1:00 pm

This week on Toledo's Fox Sports 1230:

Mon 5/6Toledo Mud Hens vs. Rochester6:00 pm
Tue 5/7Toledo Mud Hens vs. Rochester6:00 pm
Wed 5/8Toledo Mud Hens vs. Rochester6:00 pm
Thu 5/9

Cleveland Indians vs. Oakland

Toledo Mud Hens vs. Rochester

11:37 am

6:00 pm

Fri 5/10Toledo Mud Hens @ Indianapolis6:45 pm
Sat 5/11Toledo Mud Hens @ Indianapolis6:30 pm
Sun 5/12Toledo Mud Hens @ Indianapolis

1:00 pm

This week on 103.7 CKY:

Sat 5/11NASCAR: Bojangles' Southern 5005:45 pm


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